10 Ways to Reverse Hair Damage You’ve Caused From Over - Biosilk

If we could have a conversation with our hair, I think we would (more often then not) find that our strands are exhausted, thirsty, or in need of a day off for spa treatment. They would probably give us a strong word or two about how we’ve been overworking them lately — pleading with us to cut them some slack and reverse the hair damage caused from over-styling. Can we blame them? After all, most of us are guilty of using flat irons or curlers on the reg, putting harsh chemicals into our hair, and exposing our mane to harmful UV rays for way too many hours during the summer.

So, okay, we hear you, hair strands. We’ll respond to the desperate SOS call for help with some game-changing products that will feel like a 10-day vacation to an exotic luxury spa. For certain manes, the exact thing that’s necessary to bring dry tresses some life is a smoothing overnight serum. For others who have forced their hair to be victim to the sun’s intense damage, a frizz-reducing shine spray will restore locks and give you soft hair that won’t break off.

In other words, to answer your question, Bieber, it is certainly not too late to say sorry now. These 10 tips are the best ways to make amends with your previously distressed head of hair.

Repair Tresses While You Sleep With Hydrolyzed Silk Serum


BioSilk Therapy Original Serum, $16, Amazon

This non-sticky miracle leave-in serum revives dead, over-processed strands from over time and visibly softens them after each application. This is one of the first silk-infused haircare lines, and it contains 17 of the 19 amino acids your hair needs. One user raves about this repairing treatment because of how much it transforms hair with just a dime-size application.

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