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Our least favorite math equation in the world looks a little something like this: hair + humidity = disaster. Nothing can put a damper on your summer vacation quite like looking at what could have been the perfect photo: the beautiful natural backdrop of the beach, your impeccable outfit and your hair screaming ‘it’s the humidity!

While we’ve tried politely asking Mother Nature to chill with the humidity (side note: while the humidity is atrocious for your hair it’s actually fantastic for your complexion — catch 22), she refuses to listen. So, instead of praying to the Hair Gods to allow for a perfect climate on your next beach vacay we suggest prepping your mane to combat the frizz before you even step off the plane.

Pick The Right Shampoo

They key to saying au revoir to frizz is to minimize it before even getting out of the shower. Dry hair is prone to becoming frizzy so it’s vital to use a rich moisturizing shampoo and conditioner such as Biosilk’s Hydrating Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner. By taking precautionary steps in the shower — your chances of outsmarting Mother Nature are far greater and the odds are in your favor to look like a hair care ad ripped straight from Cosmo for the duration of your trip.

Moisture Is Your Friend

In order to avoid looking like a humidity-ridden hot mess, we can’t stress keeping your hair hydrated enough. While choosing cleansing products that are meant to eliminate frizz is great, pairing them with a leave-in treatment, such as Biosilk’s Hydrating Therapy Pure Moisture Leave in Spray, is even better. Silk and maracuja oil work together to keep hair healthy and calm by sealing the cuticle and protecting the hair from losing moisture. It also seals the cuticle layer of the hair preventing the formation of dreadful frizz. Once you’ve washed your hair, spray an ample amount of the Leave in Spray onto damp or dry hair prior to styling for a visible difference.

Lock It Down

While these steps will play a major role in helping you say farewell to frizz for good, it’s important to remember that your hairstyle also plays a major role. Whether you decide on a Modern Mohawk, Bohemian Braid or Tousled Tresses we highly recommended spritzing on a generous amount of Biosilk’s Silk Therapy Finishing Spray — Natural Hold to keeping your frizz at bay.

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