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Whether through makeup, hair or fashion, every woman desires a unique way to express herself through her own individualistic style. In his latest collection for Biosilk, Ivan Rodriguez captures the desire to look and feel beautiful no matter the occasion. Desire features women from all walks of life and each woman strongly embraces her own femininity, culture, hair and texture.

Through artistry and Biosilk, these looks encompass both movement and color. “We are not just nations but a mix of desires,” says Ivan Rodriguez.


STEP 1 – Divide the hair in two sections.

STEP 2 – Create a big twist in the section at the crown and leave the ends of the hair free. Secure with hairpins.

STEP 3 – Take the back section and hold it as if you were going to make a ponytail.

STEP 4 – Turn the section inwards and lift it up to the top of the crown leaving the ends free. Secure with hairpins.

STEP 5 – Turn the remaining ends and secure with hairpins leaving the very tips free.

Final Look:


STEP 1 – Divide the hair into three sections and form a ponytail to one side, just behind the ear.

STEP 2 – Take the opposite side section and comb in the direction of the ponytail and cover the band.

STEP 3 – Take a section at the crown and divide it into two smaller sections. Create a cushion at the base and smooth the surface gently.

STEP 4 – Take the second section and repeat.

STEP 5 – Bring the top 2 sections together and smooth into a loose wave in front of the ear.

Final Look:


STEP 1 – Find the right proportion of symmetry and volume.

STEP 2 – Take the section at the back of the neck up and secure with a large bobby pin.

STEP 3 – Take a second section, make a twist and secure with a large bobby pin.

STEP 4 – With your fingers create proportioned and uniform volume.

STEP 5 – Take the lateral section and bring it up by applying Biosilk Finishing Spray – Natural Hold and hold it in place until dry.

STEP 6 – Select strands and twirl with your fingers and apply Biosilk Shine On.

Final Look:


STEP 1— Divide the hair in three sections.

STEP 2 – Create a lateral ponytail just behind the ear joining one side section.

STEP 3 – Divide the ponytail into 2 sections.

Take the first back section and hold it in the ponytail, with run your fingers up the ponytail to create soft twists and fan out for softness.

STEP 4 – Take the second section and repeat the twist. Then begin to form twirls securing with bobby pins.

STEP 5 – Take the last side section and again repeat intertwining the soft twists and securing with bobby pins

STEP 6 – Finish arranging the twists for a soft and glam style, and apply Biosilk Finishing Hairspray – Firm Hold and Biosilk Shine On.

Final Look:

HAIR: Ivan Rodriguez

HAIR ASSISTANTS: Mario Grajeda; Milly Hernández


MAKEUP ARTIST: Ale Llamas; Sara Peña; Thessa Peralta

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