Happy Black History Month from BioSilk! - BioSilk Hair Care
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Happy Black History Month from BioSilk!

Due to having thick, coarse hair; some African American men and women experience difficulties growing out their natural hair and making sure it remains healthy. With the help of BioSilk Silk Therapy, and the Silk Therapy with Coconut Oil, you are bound to see a longer length and increased strength within your hair.

Tips to Grow Out Your Natural Hair

  1. Clean & Condition

    The first step promoting long, healthy hair is making sure it is washed and conditioned. Washing your hair consistently with the Silk Therapy Coconut Shampoo and Silk Therapy Coconut Conditioner is beneficial because you are removing dirt and oils from blocking out any moisture and ultimately water is a form of “moisturizer” .

    Tip: When your hair lacks moisture, it may become brittle which can cause damage.
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  2. Moisturize & Seal

    Moisturizing your hair with the Silk Therapy hair oil as much as possible plays an important role because you are supplying your hair with hydration. If your hair becomes dehydrated, you are likely to notice split ends, your hair becomes thinner and hair breakage increases.

  3. Trim Your Split Ends

    Although it doesn’t sound enjoyable, trimming the ends of your hair every 4-6 months can promote healthy hair growth. If you think it’s a good idea to avoid your split ends, think again because they will eventually break off on their own which can weaken or make your hair strands become thinner.

    Tip: It is suggested to cut only ¼ inch- 1 inch when trimming your hair.

  4. Decrease the Amount of Heat

    It’s no secret that applying heat to your hair will give you a glamorous style when using a styling iron but if this routine becomes regular, then a lot of damage can occur. To prevent that, we encourage you to use lower heating settings when using irons or look up some “heat-free” styles that may interest you.

    Whether it is short or long, your hair is a part of you and it is important to take proper care of it. Know that your hair is in good hands when using Silk Therapy and the Silk Therapy with Natural Coconut Oil. 

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