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So I’m not the best at being consistent with routines but like the rest, I try. I get so much feedback on Instagram about my curls that I decided to let you in on how I take care of my hair. Here I’ll show you my favorite must-have products as well as the things I use on occasion to keep my hair healthy and strong. 

First and foremost, I wash my hair once a week with shampoo. You do not want to strip your natural oils by shampooing your hair more than twice a week. I only do a “wash day” once a week bc that’s what works for me. My hair is more on the dry side and it takes me a lot longer to produce oils and feel “dirty”. 

When I was young I used so much products to keep my hair slicked back in a pony or bun that I decided to keep away from that overload. As I continued in my hair journey I noticed how some of these curl creams enhance my curls tremendously. On most days I don’t use many products, instead I’ll just add a cream and let it do its job. But on days that I’m willing to put in the work, here’s what I do:

Original Silk Therapy Collection

Before I wash, I add some oils to my hair such as flax seed, pumpkin seed and castor oil or sometimes olive or coconut and let that sit for about 15 minutes. I brush out my hair as I wait while also using a massager for my head. Which feels amazing! 

Once I let that sit I shampoo my hair and add in a hair mask/deep conditioner and let it sit longer than the time given on the directions (you do it too so don’t judge me). This gets rinsed off and I only add a little bit of conditioner to my hair (not so much on my scalp since I already did so much deep conditioning). I go in with my brush to make sure I don’t have any knots and add a curl cream with my favorite gel. As I let that air dry for a bit, I get my blower and attach my diffuser. I prefer using it when my hair is semi wet because it takes so long when it’s soaked and well I get impatient. 

Once I feel it’s dry enough, I go in with a hair pick and fluff it up. 

The one thing I love about my hair is that I can do many different styles depending on what products I use. For less curl definition and more of a puffer, I use less products and let my hair do its own thing or I’ll wait until day 4 of my curls and brush them out again, with no additional products. 

I’ve learned that curl defining creams are very beneficial to getting your curl pattern to pop and there are many different ways to avoid access build-up from it. You just need to take time with your hair care just as you would with your skin, nails and your overall health. 

At times we may find ourselves too busy to carry so many different routines and for me, it can become overwhelming. Balancing my career, working out, eating right, personal time, relationship, and more, while adding in skin and hair care can be very daunting and time consuming; causing me to fall off schedule at times. But I’ve learned that you just have to keep moving forward and if one day you can’t because you’re busy that’s okay. Just remember to give yourself the care you deserve. 

Here are my current favs/recommendations:

BioSilk Silk Therapy Original

BioSilk Silk Therapy Original is a weightless leave-in silk replenishing and reconstructing treatment that helps repair, smooth and protect all hair types.

  • Fills voids in cuticle to create smooth hair
  • Aids in preventing split ends
  • Provides incredible shine

Shake well before use. Place a small amount of silk therapy in the palms and apply from the scalp to ends. May be used on wet or dry hair or skin. Us as often as necessary.

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