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Spring has sprung and so have the brides! Bridal season is officially here and New York Bridal Fashion Week left us in a dream that we don’t want to wake up from quite yet! From traditional and embellished to modern and minimalist we saw it all on the runway, and with every designer’s take on what would be the next “it” dress trend, the hair also changed accordingly. Two of our favorite looks came from Elie Saab and Marchesa.

Elie Saab

This collection of wedding dresses by Elie Saab for Spring 2019 is inspired by the decadence of “Bal de Vienne.” The gowns are structured in style, but the details are elegant and fresh — much like the hair. Soft waves and curls that are adorned with either white beads or flowers make for a sophisticated look that has fawning for more. It’s a modern approach on a traditional style we’re almost certain to see a lot of as wedding season approaches.

1. Apply BioSilk Silk Therapy Lite throughout the hair for to help protect it against heat damage and for added shine. Brush the hair to distribute the product evenly throughout the hair.

2. At the top, take large sections of hair and angle the hair slightly to one side. To help hold the curl spray each section prior to curling with the BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray – Natural Hold.

3. Using the BioSilk 1½“ Titanium Curling Iron curl the sections at an angle in an upward and back position. Making sure to clip each section into a pin roll as you make your way from the top of the hair to the bottom.

4. Once the curls have cooled, remove the clips and finger comb the curls using a small amount of BioSilk Silk Therapy throughout the hair to help loosen the coils.

5. When the curls have fallen into place embellish the hair using either white beads or flowers — pinning these to the hair approximately every 1 in. Spray BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray — Natural Hold to help keep the style in place.

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Marchesa’s take on bridal fashion for Spring 2019 is definitely romantic. Georgina Chapman’s designs had a very airy, ethereal flare to them and the hair matched the mood of the gowns perfectly: soft, but embellished. Milkmaid braids that were adorned with golden flowers made for a crown-like headpiece that was both chic and refreshing.

1. Spray a generous amount of BioSilk Hot Thermal Protectant Mist throughout the hair to help prevent heat damage and to help enhance the hair’s natural shine.

2. Using the BioSilk 1” Titanium Hairstyling Iron take 1” sections and create a loose curl.

3. Sprinkle BioSilk Volumizing Therapy Texturizing Powder onto the roots of the curled hair and massage for added volume.

4. Once the hair is prepped create a deep left side part and begin French braiding at the temple, down and around the hairline and continuing until you reach the right ear.

5. Spray with BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray — Natural Hold to keep braids locked into place. If you’d like a chunkier look: tease the braid in a sideways motion from the crown down to the nape to make it fuller.

6. Pin flowers throughout the braid to create an embellished crown. Once you’ve pinned the flowers — pull out small pieces of hair to give it a slightly, unfinished look.

7. Spray BioSilk Silk Therapy Finishing Spray — Natural Hold to secure the look into place.

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