Straw Hair No More! Four Great Products for the Ocean or Pool - BioSilk
I have blond (well, I guess it’s more blond “ish” at this point) hair, that is super fine in texture but thick. It also doesn’t really like ocean water or chlorine that much. One dip in the ocean, and at its current length–without some product help–it would take me at least a day, swearing, and some gobs of hair in the trash to comb it out.

I also recently started swimming quite a bit more (getting in to triathlons!), and while I couldn’t tell a difference with one swim a week, when I went to two swims a week my hair took a nosedive. It’s pretty amazing that when I was a child with long, super blond hair that it didn’t look a whole lot worse after those twice a day 2-3 hour swim workouts! I do remember making my mom buy me a whole lot of UltraSwim shampoo and other products to ensure I could actually run my fingers through it without an ouch.

So, considering we are headed to the Galapagos for a lot of time in the ocean, I wanted to share some products I love that help my hair survive/repair both chlorine and salt water. Also–whoever started the urban legend that wearing a swim cap protects your hair is an idiot…is your hair still wet under the cap? Exactly. I still am not entirely convinced that putting conditioner on your hair under the cap does much else than condition the pool either. And who wears a swim cap in the ocean, other than for triathlons or open water swims?

1. Biosilk Silk Therapy

I don’t know what’s in this stuff, though I’m guessing not really much silk (label says ethyl ester of hydrolyzed silk…ha…it is paraben free). This stuff is a miracle. Rub a glob on after you are in the ocean/pool and you’ll think your hair really feels like silk. Particularly useful for the ends–it makes my hair a touch greasy if I smear too much of it on my roots. Super useful product that literally erases the “straw hair” feeling with a quarter size dollop.

I know I’ll be in and out of the water probably twice per day in the Galapagos. And on a boat, showering twice a day just isn’t really reasonable (or practical, when you are sweating, in the water, out of the water, sweating…). Biosilk will ensure my hair stays tangle free and is a bit more protected from all the salt and sun (though it doesn’t pronounce to have UV protection).

I find it’s cheapest on Amazon; Aveda salons sometimes carry it as well. You can find travel size bottles! For the quantity you get and what this stuff does, it’s a steal.

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