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If the Hair Gods were to have ever blessed us simple earthlings with a single gift it has got to be dry shampoo (and more specifically Biosilk Silk Therapy Dry Clean Shampoo). Has there even been any other modern day invention sans the iPhone that has been so clutch to woman-on-the-go and lazy girls everywhere? Yeah, we didn’t think so. This miracle in a can is primarily used to keep your oily roots at bay and leave your hair feeling clean as you choose to keep your hair washing at minimum. The Biosilk Silk Therapy Dry Clean Shampoo dominates in this department, but what if we said there were other nifty ways you could be using your dry shampoo other than to leave your hair feeling clean.


Whether your hair is dirty or clean, thick or thin, curly or straight — sometimes a girl’s tresses just need a little extra TLC in the volume department. If you’re looking to lift your locks spritz a generous amount of dry shampoo throughout your hair to give it a boost of volume. If your hair has a tendency to fall flat even after a major teasing session try spraying dry shampoo to the backsides of the sections that you’re backcombing to help hold the volume.


Having super silky hair is great if you’re staring in a shampoo commercial, but if you’re trying to curl, braid or create an updo with it — not so much. Sometimes strands have a tendency to slide out. The solution? Biosilk Silk Therapy Dry Clean Shampoo. Use a generous amount throughout the hair to help add a gritty texture. You can then create any style you want without having to worry about your hair falling flat or coming undone.


This one is probably the most shocking. We know. However, if you have unruly eyebrows this could be your new favorite way to use dry shampoo outside of juuj-ing your hair back to life. It’s simple spritz a small amount of dry shampoo to your finger, spoolie or toothbrush and use it to get your brows into formation while adding a touch of thickness.


If you’re gearing up to hit the stair master and only concerned with what you’re going to look like once you hop off then let Biosilk Silk Therapy Dry Clean Shampoo remove the anxiety out of working out for you. Apply this dry shampoo to your roots to help absorb sweat while you’re working out to ensure your hair looks fab.

BioSilk Silk Therapy Dry Clean Shampoo

BioSilk Silk Therapy Dry Clean Shampoo formulated for all hair types, is a water-free spray that cleans and refreshes hair, absorbs excess oil and eliminates odor.

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